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We are maintaining our projects. Projects will be added soon!
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  Under Construction
We are maintaining our projects. Projects will be added soon!
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  Establishing a new fuel station
Our company has set up a Fuel station in favor of Samsung Engineering contrac
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HSE Policy  
Safety And Health

The health and safety of our clients, employees, sub - contractors, and related personnel in construction, power, and other projects has the utmost importance. We always endeavor to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment. for our associates by hiring the best employees, and collaborating with responsible, safety - conscious contractors.

We constantly strive to improve our work environment and pay close attention to details in all of our associations.

We believe that safety and productivity can never be separated. A safe and healthy workplace boosts employee morale, increases productivity, efficiency and brings power and success. Safety is everyone's business and it starts from the owner of the company or the project, to the prime contractor, subcontractors, employees, workers and doesn't end. Safety should always be dealt with as a priority. Safety does not only mean protection for every worker. It is actually a duty of care and responsibility.

Everyone should make safety and health the main part of his/her work. For this reason, our company has written Alcohol and Drug, No Smoking, and HSE policies,

The presence of an effective system of occupational health and safety leads to maintain the economic fortunes of the lossand that the disclosure of risks and the reasons leading to it, and take the measures and reserves preventive to prevent their occurrence, Good health and safety aimed at finding a safe working environment, free from risk and protect the elements of production (human, material and means of production) from damage and loss.

What is the best means and methods to develop a system of safety and healthy ?

Helmet Hat

The helmet of the most important safety clothing to be sure it because it provides protection to the top of the risk of material and tools that are likely to fall from the top as well as the shocks that can infect the head..


Safety shoes should be used in all the work so that these shoes as safety standards and specifications adopted locally

What is safety and health for MU.CO

The all machines to be registered with the insured certificates of safety knowing that all of our machinery holds safety certificates resulting to the success of our work in our specialty transportation, drilling, etc. We look forward to working environment is safe and sound and free from the dangers of the deadly work.


MU.CO. IS committed to conducting our businesses in an environmentally responsible and proactive manner consistent with our commitment to corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability One of our highest priorities is the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of the people.

The effective management of these concerns is integral to our business success.